How to Upload Photos (A Simple How-to Method)

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    Hi all,

    I've noticed over time, that some BYC members still don't really know how to post photos to the forum, so I thought perhaps I could share my method. This is the method I am using to upload pics, and perhaps you can do it too with Facebook being the Source Location. I'm going to describe it in the most layperson terms I can so anyone can do it.

    This is a photo of my chicken coop which I stored on my Flickr site. You can do it with any photo, whether it is on Facebook, your personal website, your flickr or Photobucket account etc.

    Any picture which is on the Internet has a 'name' or what I'd call an 'address' which is unique to it and it tells anyone where this photo is, or the formal name used amongst techies is "source location". This address/source location tells any computer or browser where to look for the photo.

    Here are the steps.

    1) Open your Facebook page on another tab, or window. Or any other photo resource location, such as Flickr, PhotoBucket, etc, but here I'll use the eg of Facebook.
    2) Click on the photo you want to upload to BYC.
    3) When it opens up in Facebook, right click on the photo.
    3) Select View Image Info and click on it.
    4) Another window appears showing you the detailed description of the photo you have just selected. Such as Location, Type, Size, Dimensions.
    5) Copy the entire string for Location. For eg. "http: //" it will always start with http because it is pointing back to the source location on the web where you have placed your photo. Copying means click "Ctrl C, or Command C or right mouse click" depending on what type of computer you use.
    6) After you have copied the whole string of letters, go to the BYC page.
    7) Go to your Create New Post or Post Reply page, depending on what you want to do.
    8) Click on Img icon.
    9) Paste your entire string within the tags. For eg. [​IMG]. Pasting means, click "Ctrl V"

    Important to note:
    As you are typing in the create message/create post and pasting your strings, you won't see the photograph load here. You will only see the string encased in the tags. You will only see the photos load up when you click submit, or when you have finished entering your message and you're in view message mode.

    Good luck.
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  2. ADozenGirlz

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    Who knew? Great info, thanks!! [​IMG]
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    Oct 17, 2010
    Thx bunches. That makes it so much easier!!!! [​IMG]
  4. Sir Birdaholic

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    [​IMG] THANKS! [​IMG]
  5. sheilawagner

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    I'm glad you guys found it useful.

    Now, I wish I could request for the board admin to put it up as a sticky, so that others could see it too, and wouldn't need to go back into history to find out.

    How do I contact anyone from the board? I have no idea.

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    Great post!! One additional item:

    If the original picture is moved from the original location or deleted, the link will be no good & the picture will not show in the post. I use Photobucket a lot & sometimes move pictures from one album to another, or change the name of the album. This creates a new link, and any posted photo will not show up. I've now created a photo album named "Posted" where I put copies of all the pictures I've posted. This way, the photo stays in the same place.
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    You consider this EASY???
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    It takes longer to explain it then to do it [​IMG]
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    Oct 16, 2010
    You Are A Rockstar For Posting This!!!

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    I've used photobucket for years. Sounds a similar set up.
    I have several free photobucket accounts with loads of pics in. Heres a couple of Bluey and Apollo [called Pollo for short] my British Blue & Tonkinese cats.
    This is the code for a piece of Pollo's mischief [Tonks are very vocal and when things go quiet thats the time to worry!!]


    Copy it and put the bracket back on the end and you'll get the pic. [IMG]
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