How to vaccinate for Fowl pox??


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Mar 24, 2010
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I have just noticed my small flock of silkies and frizzles has fowl pox.

I isolated the sick ones and swabbed with iodine and only one roo has a small lesion in his mouth. How do I vaccinate for this? If someone could show me a picture of where to vaccinate in the wing web I would be so grateful. I had never heard of fowl pox before I started researching the symptoms my chickens are having. It seems only my silkies and a few frizzles are affected out of all my chickens. Thanks for any help!
I have been vaccinating for fowl pox my last several hatches as I had the same problem.
Once they have been exposed, I don't think vaccinating them will help, you just treat the symptoms.

On my chicks, I just hold in one hand with a thumb under the wing to lift it away and 'pin prick' the loose skin with the vaccine. You only need like one drop for a chick to vaccinate it.

All you have to do is get the needle just under the skin to get it in there, even if it runs back ou a bit, they are vaccinated.
Thanks Amber for the advice.
I have some 2-3mth old silkies I want to vaccinate--they caged but in the same pen and they are not showing symptoms yet. I assume the procedure is the same for them?
I have been having a terrible time with my silkies lately. This is something I have never encountered before and I have had chickens a long time. I guess these show quality silkies are more delicate than my other chickens because I do not see any symptoms in them.
At any rate it is very distressing. Thanks again

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