How to wash raw sheep wool


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Mar 13, 2012
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I just got a huge box of raw wool in the mail, and I have NO idea where to start..

I'm so excited to start drop spindling, but I need help!! I have 2.5 lbs of it, so I'm sure it will take a while. Also, any pointers on carding, spindling, commonly used terms..anything! I'm a complete newbie to the spindling world!!


Nov 6, 2012
England UK
Hi I just joined this site..
I have not been spinning for ages, but joined our local Spinning group,
as I had Llamas and then collected several types of sheep with nice fleeces, also Angora Goats and Rabbits.
A good clean fleece should not be washed, it has a lot of Lanolin in it and just lovely to spin or use as it is, that is, if it quite long. No need for handcream after working with this wool , lol
You can wash it, once it's in a skein, before knitting or what ever.

But if you need to wash the fleece... just use pure soapflakes, no detergents, and it will stay soft , then let it dry naturally...hang in an airy room, in a maybe carrot net.

How do you know about Spindle ?? you need a carder, if it is short,and best search for a local Spinning Group, where all this happens and get taught...or get a book.
Hope this helps for now.
Good luck !


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