How to wean them from night light and coop training


8 Years
Feb 5, 2013
My chicks are 4 weeks old and in a couple of weeks I plan to move them into their coop. They currently have a light on at night to help keep them warm, I am using a 75 watt bulb and it keeps the temp in the brooder at about 75-80 during the night. Also on these cool damp "spring" days we have been having, I am leaving the light on during the day as well. The temp in the brooder is about 75 during the day too. My first question is how do I go about weaning them off the night light? Or do I need to wean them? The coop will not be lit at night so they will be in the dark.
My second question is How long do I need to leave them locked up in the coop to make sure they understand that is HOME and where they are to go at night? A couple of days? a week?
Seems wrong to all of a sudden just put them in a new place with no light and not even let them out, but .....I am a new Chicken Momma and not to sure about these things.
Any guidance will be appreciated.


8 Years
May 15, 2012
Strasburg Colorado
Start with turning the light off during the day and nights if they are not colder then 60s starting around 3 weeks of age as long as you already see feathering. At this point they may even be outside now. But once they go outside unless its really cold they should be without light or heat.
Good luck and enjoy!

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