How to Winter a Single Chicken

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  1. MLay

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    Dec 2, 2015
    I live in Central Missouri so our winters periodically get very cold. I have two roosters that I would like to winter – gorgeous boys - but I don’t have an established house they can winter in because the established roosters won’t allow it. I would like to keep them. The two boys can’t winter together because they fight but I’d like to keep them for breeding stock next year. I have 2- twelve square foot (3’ x 4’) houses so each one could have his own house but I do worry they’d freeze to death. The houses are well built – two layer, cedar siding over particle board. Good light and good ventilation. Any thoughts of if a single bird with plenty of straw could survive sheltered in 12 square feet?
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    Apr 6, 2014
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    Here is my suggestion. In one of your coops, make a screened separation and keep both roos there. It is not that they will keep each other warm, only so they don't go coooookie/wacki. The winter cold should be tolerated by them since you are not really in DEEP FREEZE country. You mention that there is good ventilation, so that is THE KEY. Give them plenty to eat, including some cracked corn to create warming calories. In spring, place them into each coop with what ever hens you will get. Remember that chickens are not well solitary, so that is reason to have them at least see each other. You will have to provide separate feed and water, but thats the fun part of chicken keeping.
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    I live in central Missouri. I have a lot of birds singly penned like this guy except protected from above. They handle cold with respect to survival well. Frost bite of combs more problematic. Wind breaks help when wind chill intense but does not stop frost bite.


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