How to you NAME your farm (North Carolina)


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Sep 9, 2008
Pilot Mountain, NC
How do you register your farm as a farm in north carolina? What is the absolute minimum profit I need to show to be able to register as a farm? Does anyone know?
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In NC, I just don't know. I know here, in SC, we don't show a profit. You just sign a statement that so much of your land is used for agricultural purposes. You have to have so much acreage too. We only have 10 acres, but qualify and get a good tax break on our property taxes.

Hope someone can be more help that me, if not just call your auditor's office and ask them how to qualify.
go to the USDA website.
Then find the FSA website from there.
The USDA website will have a LOCATOR to find your closest FSA (fsn) office. CALL THEM
They will tell you what to bring & how to get there .. Just a couple things ID & a plat of your land , so they can find it on the satilite.
thats it
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