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    how do u get a sex-linked chick
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    Apr 26, 2011
    check out feathersite

    some traits are sexlinked, they come with the male chromosome W
    A rooster has two of these male W chromosomes
    He passes one W chromosome to each of His offspring
    a hen has a W and a Z chromosome.
    She passes one or the other to each of her offspring
    The ones that get her Z will be hens.
    More importantly to your question, these girls get Their W from their father
    If for instance If mom is Barred and dad isn't
    the babies will get the non-barred W gene from dad
    all the girls will will be non barred
    the boys will get the dominant barred W gene from mom and will be barred
    RIR rooster to BR hen gives barred boys and black girls


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