How was it possible for her to lay 2 times a day?

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    Feb 18, 2012
    I had TWO Rhode Island Reds, and one Amerucana. (RIR lay brown eggs, Amer. lays green)
    They would lay FOUR brown eggs, and one green egg, each and every day. lol, how is that possible? How can one hen lay two eggs in one day?

    Was it something I was feeding them? or their genetics???
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    It is possible for some hens to lay two times a day. Different things can cause this. Their internal egg laying factory can mess up. If two yolks start at the same time, you might get a double yolked egg. Or if they start a little apart, you can get two eggs the same day. Often the second one has a thin shell or even a soft or no shell because the egg gland does not have enough time to gather enough shell material for the second egg. And often, but not always, they skip laying the next day when this hapens. Sometimes it is genetic and sometimes you are over-feeding them whent this happens.

    If tis is fairly consistent and the egg shells are in good shape, I strongly suspect someone is playing a practical joke.

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