How weird - she attacked my son!


9 Years
Jan 17, 2011
My alpha hen attacked my six year old son when he was on his swing this afternoon. I let them out for some free time and my biggest girl was clucking away and eating on the grass near the playset when my son hopped on his swing. She watched him for a few seconds and then went over and started pecking him! My son is already terrified of her because she has pecked him before (he was standing very close to her) so this wasnt a good thing.

He is okay, she didnt break any skin, but I wonder if there is anything I could do to get her to stop being so aggressive with him? So weird that she does that with him....she's fine with everyone else.
She most likley does not see him as a person, but as a predator. Get him a get him a good squirt gun or super soaker, and tell him to let her have it when she gets to close to him. Won't hurt her, but will teach her some maners.

I can just picture the soaking wet hen standing there going "
" after he squirts her, LOL!

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