How Well Do you Know Chickens?????????????????????????????????????????


I Got The Naked Neck Blues
10 Years
Aug 2, 2009
Ocala Fl
these were a gift to me. And just wanted to know if any body new what i have here?
They are about 7 months and laying gooood.





the little green egg in the middle come from them it was the first one i got from them

these other 3 are from them too exept the white one
You definitely have some Buff Orpingtons and the other could be Delawares(not sure about those).
Nice gift you got there!
thanks ,but i was talking about the blue hens. they lay the green eggs
Buff Orps, as your file name on the Orp pic says- but the blue ones are a mystery.

I suspect easttxchick was referring to Delaware Blue Hens, which is a different bird from the usual Delaware. They are BBS but they lay medium to small off-white eggs. See the link in my sig for more info. They are very similar to your blues, but more streamlined and smaller.

If your blue chickens are laying green eggs they must be a cross between an EE and some kind of blue breed.

Pretty birds either way!
if i remember right i was told blue rocks what you think??
but the green egg??
Definately not Delawares. Delawares are white with barring in their hackles and in the roos tails. Like my avatar.

You mean the Delaware Blue Hen's breed. They are called "Delaware Blue Hens" even the roosters. It's stupid and confusing.

I was thinking blue andalusian. is the blue one's and definate buff orp on the others.

EDIT** didn't realize the blue ones laid green eggs. .. probrably a EE cross
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