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    Hi everyone!
    We have a flock of 6 chickens all about 13 months old.
    2 buff orpington pullets
    2 light brahma pullets
    1 GLW pullet
    1 GLW rooster

    We just got 2 americauna and 2 black australorps chicks that are only about 4 days old and are inside under the heat lamp like usual kept %100 away from anything or anywhere the other chickens have been.

    Question is, how and when do I start to introduce the babies. Do I wait until they are the same size... Or do I just let them get old enough to be outside and then keep them separated through a fence so they can see each other for a while? I've done some research, but it would be really nice to hear from real people with experience!

    Thanks so much everyone!!!!
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    Yes you should use the "see but don't touch method." Separate the chicks from the others by a fence or other barrier for at least two weeks. The longer the better. By using this method you can start when the chicks are only 8-12 weeks old.

    I've just introduced two pullets to my flock and this method worked wonderfully. Once they mixed they sure did fight but they got along pretty good. Now they even snuggle together on the roost. The key is patience and hideaways. Also, make sure there are lots of extra feeders and waterers as bossy hens will hog feeders and starve the other birds.

    Best of luck to you!:)
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