How/when to safely introduce new Mama & babies to chicken society


13 Years
Jun 24, 2008
NW Louisiana
I have a first time Mom & week old hatchlings that are eager to join the general population, but I'm a bit hesitant. I let the 4 adult standard birds out to freerange, & added Mommy & co. to the remaining juvenile standards & bantams in the run. They were curious, & upon their approach, Mom went nuts several times, attacking them, biting, flapping & fussing. Ok, I expected that much. But the last time she ran over 1 of her own babies in the freakout & I thought he was paralyzed @ first,
then after a few minutes he was over the shock & went back to pecking. So, when's the best/safest time frame to reunite the whole flock? Or should I just make a temp. pen for them to stay in & for how long? Thanks!

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