How will I know they are about to lay eggs?

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    I have 8 EE that are coming up on 14 weeks old. What will I notice differant that would indiacte they may be ready to start laying? Should I have the nest boxes up and open yet? Will they usually start laying around the same time or is each hen going to be on their own laying schedule?

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    I built my nesting boxes for my RIRs at about that age (around 14 weeks or so) so that they could get used to seeing them. This way when they do start laying they will already know where to go. Ours started laying around labor day. When the first one laid an egg, it started singing its egg song () and we heard it at the house (400 feet away).

    After that egg, the rest of them started laying within that week (they were all the same age). After a few weeks, we noticed that they would all lay their eggs in the morning hours only. Now, it is from sunrise until noon (never an egg after noon).
  3. on mine the wattles and combs get redder
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    The'll start to squat & you'll trip over them! [​IMG]

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