How worried should i be about a chicken with sour crop?

Apr 29, 2020
This morning i went out to feed all of our chickens and everyone was all good. This afternoon my sister went out and found one of our buff orpingtons lethargic, sitting by the waterer when all the others were going to bed. My sister thought she was just napping so she just put her in the coop and didnt tell me about it.

2 hours later, i find her laying on the ground where my sister had put her, not jumping up on the roosts or anything. I picked her up and she spit up a bit of water/throw-up on me. Me and my dad quickly found out that she has a sour crop. I massaged her crop for a couple of minutes until she threw up. We took her to our house so we could care for her better.

we are planning to take her to the vet in a day or two, but i am very worried about her and dont know if i should go to sleep or stay up and watch her. Is their a big risk of her dying or getting worse before tomorrow morning? I have schoolwork and chores early tomorrow, but i dont want to take any chances. What should i do?


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May 25, 2020
Western Washington
I have never experienced sour crop, but here's what I know about it. If there is liquid coming out of her beak, you should gently turn her upside down and massage her crop until the liquid comes out, turning her right side up every 15 seconds. She should be given clean water for several hours, and then you can give her food mixed with yogurt. As I said before, I have never experienced sour crop before, but I think sour crop can be deadly if not treated. Hopefully, someone who had experienced sour crop before can help you. I hope your hen gets better. Here is the link for the site I used for the information on sour crop.

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