How young can you introduce chicks to your adult flock?


12 Years
Feb 6, 2010
I have 7 different chicks that i want to put outside.
They will have plenty of different areas for shelter.
I only have two adult hens (one has already adopted one of the chicks).
They are different breeds (cochin/silkie mix, EEer, cornish cross, NHR/Buff Orph mix).
Is it too early to put them out there together?
They are 2-3 months old.
I have done it as young as 8 weeks. I make sure they have a place to "hide" and accessable food and water in the hiding spot. Also, I free-range everyone at the same time, so the big kids are used to the little kids.

ETA: I like to wait until later, but the 8 weekers were a breed that got gynourmous fast, like CMs or something...
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This sounds encouraging..I have two ladies (buff brahma & barred Plymouth Rock ) that are two years old. I have 5 chicks that I am going to introduce shortly. It has always been all or none before. I hate that period with no eggs, so am going to try some integration this.
I have 2 six months olds, 2 three month olds and then on the fly, I adopted 4 two month olds. I kept the wee ones in a coop nest to the big one so that they all saw each other during they ay while they were cooped up. Then when I got home from work, they all free ranged together. It took about a week of roaming together for the big ones to pick on the little ones less, but now they are all in the same coop together. It depends a lot on the birds personalities. Just make sure you watch them while you have them together so you can separate them if need be.

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