how young is to young?


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Apr 17, 2011
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Okay was wondering how young was to young to let my babies stay outside without a light? Itll be hot out all the time soon. I had a bad hatch (looking like if im lucky ill have 5 hatching in a few days) want to throw a second batch in yet i know different ages need different things. These youngins from this batch will have their own coop till i know who is hens and not. Only keeping 2 hens and rest are freezer. Is 6 weeks ti early in warm weather?
Oh sure, if their coop is draft free.

I brood outside, on the screened porch, or at least I used to till the broodies took over blessing the ol' farm with new chicks.

This time of year our range of temps. in SW Arkansas can be anywhere from the low 30s at night to daytime temps. in the 90s on the hottest days. I adjust their heat lamp needs according, but usually have all chicks off the heat by no later than 6 weeks.

I have 9 chicks out in the coop right now with two broodies; 4 with one, 5 with the other. All turned 3 weeks old today. While they are still going into the broody boxes with mamas at night (large dog crates) no one is sleeping under mama anymore. Our nighttime temps. have been in the 50s.
Thank you. Figure in a month its usually very warm even at night. Ill toss my next batch in 2 weeks. I want two hens and would love to have more for the meat though. Hoping my next batch work. Oh and all the chicks will be seperate from my older hens till i pick my 2 to keep.

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