How'd We Ever Get Along??? (PICS)

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  1. I am a VERY STRONG advocate for learning how to incubate using "hands on" techniques, but after 5 years of my LG Still Air, I've moved up. Now its not a new Cadillac, its more like one of those old ones like Boss Hogg used to drive. She's got some dents, and some scratches, and if she was EVER in need of a new paint job!! But let me tell you, she's still got it in her. I replaced some weatherstipping yesterday, and its made all the difference in the world. Humidity is up, temps are up, and everything is holding steady. I can open the door to add an egg or whatever I need to do and everything drops. But within MINUTES of closing it, everything is back to normal. Makes me wonder.... "How'd we ever get along with our styrofoam incubators, and homeade bator chests?" This is GRRRRREAT!

    She's an original GQF 1202.... (as evident by the multicolored paint) Its been a hard life, but she still has a good engine under the hood!

    (The window was an aftermarket addition by a previous owner. It aint pretty, but it works)

    The fan DOES work, it just looks still since the camera is so quick...
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    You are so lucky to have that.......very cool
  4. I'm just lucky enough to have really good poultry loving friends...
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    Dont do a thing she's a beut just the way she is. I just completed both an incubator and a hatcher in a cabinet about that size. The incubator was an old GQF that was falling apart and I just used the innards.

    The hatcher I started from scratch and used a wafer thermostat. I see yours has two set screws for wafers what is up with that? Is on a back up or do they regulate differnt elements?

    Makes me wonder

    I do like her. I would buy one of those in a heart beat.
  6. Its actually got TWO wafers in there. One is a backup in case the main one fails. I've only got one regulating temps right now.....

    Its really old, and has been stored in a barn for a few years, but a friend of mine let me borrow it and clean it up (as best i could.) I'm hoping he'll eventually let me buy it from him!!!
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    The design is nearly identical to the one I am using that I built quite simple really. The turner is the expensive part. The motor and the drive.

    Again nice find. I bet it purrs like a kitten. I struggle a little in mine with temp variance from top to bottom. I am tempted to one day go out and buy some heavy red wood and make a beauty. Have not priced the wood but quality redwood has got to be expensive
  8. Just do what I am planning on doing.... use 3/4 in plywood and put a thin vineer of something else on it. Wood slat flooring is great!
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    OMG i want one but dang i bet that thing would cost alot if i found one.
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    so that's what an auto-turner looks like! Lovely find.

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