Nov 25, 2020
Welcome!! I'm new here as well but not new to keeping chickens. Wow that's quite a variety, I'm curious if you know how or why they decided to go with so many different breeds? That's pretty cool. Do you have any breed of chicken you're looking to get one day? Also I enjoy watercolor painting too! I'm fairly new at it though, just got into it last year :)
So, the three original girls were from my friends who moved. The RIRs and Barred rock. (Eggy, Leggy, and Bar)
We decided to get more because we're nuts, basically. I wanted fun colored eggs, he wanted the experience of raising chicks, we settled on the assortment for the four babies. (Tux, Braums, Ash and Yellow Baby)
I'd really like to get an Orpington of some sort, at a point. I just want like, ONE chicken that actually likes me lol. He wants to do Cornish Crosses for meat purposes.

Watercolors are so fun! I love the whole process of layering up the depth. What brand paint do you use, primarily?


Nov 23, 2020
My Coop
Don't judge lol but I really like my little winsor & newton set, I have a big, I'm assuming more expensive set that was gifted to me where the paint comes in tubes but I haven't really used them too much yet. I didn't want to shell out for some expensive paints when I didn't know if I'd stick with it

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