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Apr 21, 2014
Hi I am just starting out with chickens for my daughter. I had chickens and ducks growing up and it was a fun learning experience. We have 5 outside that are about 17 weeks old, 2 amercaunas, a buff something or other, a black and white something, and a punk rock chicken. (Obviously I'm bad at remembering names) We also have 2 cochins that are still too little to be out.
In addition to our chickies... we recently removed a battered beaten one legged duck from the park. After a vet visit we have her a set up for now... but I'm hoping for ideas to make life easier for her.
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Welcome to BYC!

Aww...poor duck! At least you were able to bring him home and give him another chance at life. Definitely stop by our Duck section for some help with this little guy. Liz has left you with the link.

Good luck with all your projects and this little duck and welcome to our flock!
I found her at lakeside park. This isn't the first one we've rescued there, but most of the others needed intensive care and went to a rehab facility. Gallo dead cielo!? Do you know the song?

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