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May 9, 2020
Phoenix, AZ
Omg how beautiful.. how many other silkie do you have? This one is just gorgeous. How old is it now?

my blue silkie is finally getting some lighter blue in, she got kind of dark once she dropped her chick down. The cochin blue is looking similar, darker blue, but the one i thought was lavender is actually splash!

Here is the blue silkie, you can see the light blue better on her back tail and thighs.. she needed some breathing time here, waiting to lay her first egg. She laid it a few minutes after this pic.. poor thing!

Here is the blue splash cochin.. i think coloring will be similar to yours, more light feathers..

And this is another blue, cochin as well.. frizzle though.. so curious to see what they look like older. I just love the fluff.

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