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Jun 8, 2020
Hello everyone!

I'm brand new around here and brand new to chicken parenting. A few weeks ago we brought home six 8-10 week old chickens to our brand new coop and run in our little suburban backyard. In the mix were 2 golden laced Wyandottes, 1 road island red, 2 Easter eggers and a handsome barnyard mix rooster that we named Elvis. It has been a rocky start. Within a few days one of the Easter eggers died, my favorite of course 😢. While cleaning out the coop that day we realized the rooster and one of the Wyandottes weren't well so we began treating them with corrid. Since then, they all look a lot better and we haven't lost anymore, but the Wyandottes have made some BIG changes so we suspect we may have 2 more roos! If so, that would mean we have more boys than girls 😬. It's been so stressful, I hope it starts being enjoyable soon.

My family had chickens, rabbits, and goats when I was a child but in my adult life I've only had cats and dogs so this is all very new to me. I have to 2 huge cats, 2 tiny dogs, and 2 adorable little dwarf bunnies. I love to garden, cook, read, travel... bla bla bla, all the good stuff. I'm a diy addict and a home schooling mama. Once upon a time I was an artist and a musician but priorities shifted significantly with the introduction of a certain little person who shall remain nameless. Maybe one day I'll have time again, either way life is good 😊. I look forward to learning much from everyone here!!

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