hi and thanks Alaskan . Right now I have some 6 week old bantams , Porcelan and partridge cochins and one unknow lol. Still stratching head over what sex the cochins are though. I have my heart set on some Welsommer bantams and maybe some buff Polish bantams. Finding them is another.
WOW! Porcelain Cochins are drool worthy!

I have heard that the Welsummer bantams lay pretty decently....but I think that their eggs aren't as dark as the full sized Welsummer. I don't really know though, since I haven't tried that breed out.

I have had Cochins, and right now have 3 white Cochin. They are so wonderful looking, like super soft fluffy teddy bears!

I am hoping that my Cochin pullets will grow up to be good broody hens. Well, at least one of them.
Well i did read up on the bantams and yes thier eggs are bit lighter but versus a 6 pound hen to 23 oz one, umm
think i can live with that lol. they are so sweet and friendly, long time ago one wandered onto our land out of nowhere. I live in very rural area too. She was the sweetest baby, I did lose her to a thief of a coon :(. o

Oh i bet they are little cotton balls :) I think cochins can become broody not sure tho.

I have to say my little porcelan bantams have stolen my heart. They just look up at me with prettiest eyes and very well mannered.I have 3 hens i am keeping and one rooster. Not sure if they are standard perfection but thats ok .
Hi Bantam :) and thankyou for the warm welcome.which breeds do u have ? I am so eager to learn about the more rarer ones seems there are ones i have nvr heard of
Hey Drumstick :) thats a cool picture of u . thankyou for the welcome , I am really happy I found some fellow feather friends .
Oh thank you for sharing ur pictures. They are all so lovely, of course i loved seeing the porcelans and seeing what my little girls may look like. They are so endearing.The partridge cochins are as friendly but bribes of meal worms help lol. Ur mille is so pretty, i almost cryed thinking ok now i want some of them too. My little oddball baby that Murrays sent me was the smallest and I was so sure she was a hen and named her lacey , guess what Lacey crows now at 6 weeks . I need to learn how to post some pictures someday. I am not that tech savvy though.

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