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    supposedly Cochin are supposed to be broody.

    I really really hope one of mine decides to be a wonderful mother hen. And of course, being a Cochin, she has so much fluff! I think she could stuff a truly amazing number of babies under her skirts and manage to keep them all warm!

    If you are trying to go with only Bantams:

    As far as cuteness, I really like the bantam wheaten Ameracauna. Total cuteness!

    I like the d'Uccle too (I guess I am a sucker for fluffy faces)

    As far as historical, I would vote for the Pyncheon, read about them here:
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    Sep 11, 2013
    My goodness that little chicken is a mystery, quite interesting. I am hoping my little ones are bearded my porcelains that is.
    There is bit of confusion on my part of the americuna, is that the same arcuna?
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    Sep 11, 2013
    oh I meant to say , indeed sticking with Bantams , im not as spry as i used to be.
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    Americauna or Americana or other spellings, are the same as Easter Eggers, which is almost a breed, but not completely, as any bird that lays a blueish or greenish or even a pinkish colored egg can be an Easter Egger. And the parentage doesn't matter at all.

    OK, I was going to keep going with my explanation, but then when I looked up to make sure I was spelling everything correctly, I found a good explanation. [​IMG]
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    Sep 11, 2013
    Ah , ty for the link really a nice one. The Ameraucanas was very pretty. I got a little confused on the gene thing but I dont think the version I liked would have that problem
    I have found a person interested in my overflow of little roosters so have to get them all prettied up and show them off.Every one in my area loves to show poultry. The turkey ppl got thiers babys 2 weeks ago and nearly cleaned all the feed stores in the area. Any hints on the partridge cochins? I read google blogs till im blue in the face lol. I have been going on the fact that 3 of them have short, small yellow cones. whereas the ones i think are roosters have longer and pinkish red cones.None of the partridge cochins have crowed yet. big sigh , would be easier if they give me a hint and let out a shout.
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    you can try posting pictures on either the "what breed/gender is it" forum, or in the Cochin thread which is in the "breeds, genetics, showing" forum.

    I think sexing cochins is a bit tricky. those cute fluffy bodies don't clearly show the fancy rooster feathers until a bit older in age.

    In general though, you are completely correct. It is most likely that the ones with brighter and larger combs are the boys.
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    Welcome to BYC [​IMG] Glad you joined us!
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    Welcome to BYC!

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