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    May 14, 2008
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    Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't popped in for a while. Things have gone a little crazy around here.

    My husband and landlord finally got our backyard mostly cleaned up and we're going to at least start construction of our coop and pen this weekend. I'm trying to pick a spot to put it and wondered what you guys thought of this spot.


    I'm specifically looking at the dirt spot next to the neighbor's fence. I thought about this spot because the ground is already mostly clear and it would have at least some shade for most of the day because of the trees.

    Downsides are the stuff on the other side of the fence, and the fact that the size would be some-what constrained by the trees. Without measuring my guess would be that the pen would end up about 10'x10'.

    The plan, for now, is to allow the chickens to roam our half-acre(ish) lot while we are outside, in the pen while we are inside and the weather is nice, and in the coop while the weather is bad and overnight. I should also mention that we are planning on about 6-8 chickens for now and a coop that would be about 4'x6'-6'x6'.

    Is that enough space, or should I find another spot where I can spread out a little more? Anything else I should take into consideration before I finalize this as the spot and start taking measurements?
  2. I like that spot for a coop.

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