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    I have lost the lease on my farm and have the following breeds that I am selling out of, and need to move these birds asap. All poultry are PT tested negative. Listed are my asking prices, discounted from what I have invested in them or would normally sell them for. I would consider a REASONABLE offer, but I won't give them away.

    4 WLR Cornish bantam pullets that are laying now. $80.00
    7 Black Rosecombs, excellent show quality birds. 1C-1K-1P-4H $350.00
    2 Light Brahma bantams, 1H-1K, this is a super pair of lights. $50.00
    2 Pairs Buff Brahma bantams, 1H-1C, $65.00 each pair
    3 Modern Game bantams, 2H-1K, Brown Red, Tom Anderson bloodline, hens show and place well, cockerel is about 2/3 grown $50.00
    2 Standard Light Brahmas, very nice show quality pair, 1H-1K, paid $75 for just the male from Mark Peterson. $100.00
    2 Pairs true Araucana bantams, 1Red rumpless C + 1 Blk rumpless H and 1 Blue rumpless & huge tufted C + 1 Blk tufted and tailed H, this pair is throwing really nice tufted/rumpless black and blue offspring. Ann Charles/Standford breeding, $50.00 per pair.
    Malaysian Seramas, many available, smooth, frizzled and silkied. $20-$75 each.

    Call Ducks:
    Grey Pair $75.00
    Blue Fawn trio $100.00
    Pastel trio $100.00
    White reverse trio (2C-1H) Zimmerman and Lundgren birds $100.00

    Egyptian Goose hen, $75.00

    American Fantail Pair 1:
    Tailmark cock, Soares bred,
    Black Young Hen (from the below pair),
    $50.00 for the pair

    American Fantail Pair 2:
    Black Cock, last time shown won best fancy
    Dun Hen, nice little compact hen
    $65 for the pair

    Brunner Pouter black young pair, $50.00

    Short Faced Budapest red gansel pair, $100.00
    Two Short Faced Budapest grizzle cocks, $50.00 each

    I can ship, weather permitting, right after the holidays. You must send me a box, I don't have enough boxes in and I'm not going to order any more. Payment by USPS Postal Money Order only. I cannot hold these birds long term so serious inquiries only, please.
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    I have mobile email so it's best to email me at [email protected] for the quickest response time. Please don't use the PM box here as I don't normally check this daily.
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    Julie, Are you coming back to Fla?
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    Is ther any way i can get pics from you?

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