Huge incubator malfunction on hatch day


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May 5, 2015
So I HAD two turkey eggs in a old styrofoam incubator for 27 days.. Today is either the 27th or 28th day, temp and humidity was perfect until about an hour ago when I noticed the temp said 80 and the incubator wouldn't come back on.. So I panicked, I grabbed the turkey eggs all while trying not to turn them, put them against my skin to try and keep heat and drove them 7 miles to my house where I have a broody hen. After much persuading of the hen I got the eggs under her. While I was doing so I felt one of the turkeys move. I haven't done any research on this but I was out of options.

So, do you think the trip, change in temp, and movement probably killed my turkeys?

If by some miracle they lived what on earth is my chicken going to do when turkeys start hatching under her? Her eggs have only been incubating about a week so will she stop sitting on her eggs or just smother the turkeys?

In case you haven't noticed I have zero experience with a broody hen. She is my first I have let sit.

And wouldn't you know the bator magically starts working again while I type this.
My guess would be the high humidity for hatch flipped out the electronics. I've heard of this happening with Hovabators.

Hard to say if all that would be fatal or not, but when they hatch I strongly recommend taking the poults from the broody ASAP. You don't want her to abandon the rest of the clutch.
^ That is what I wondered, I didn't want her to forget about her other eggs! Thank you for replying!!! I really hope they make it

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