HUGE PROBLEM BUT NOTHING BAD HAPPENING Rooster and hen ratio problem


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Mar 16, 2015
I got 4 chicks as my first chickens. One died because it was too weak at 2 days old. The other 3 grew up - 2 roosters & 1 hen. 1 rooster died of illness. After that, I received 5 chicks as a gift. 1 chick escaped from the cage somehow and travelled away from the house and I searched for him/her. Left with 4 chicks, ALL WERE ROOSTERS!!! 5 : 1 rooster : hen!!! Many websites said 1 : 8 - 12. They are not mating. The hen is also not laying eggs but it is confirmed female. WHAT TO DO??!!
I'm no expert, but I would say............get ready to rehome or get them ready for "freezer camp". Me personally, I would move her out of there with the Roo she's been with the longest. (I say that only because that's me putting human emotions on a chicken at the moment they are familiar with one another and that way she's not alone). Let the boys do what they do until it's time, then keep the one you like the most just in case something happens to your other Roo. Your luck sounds like mine! LOL I PURPOSELY chose our hens from the group that was "sexed already" and I was assured all were hens, Nope...we have a Roo. And I have a super cool one already. So because we like this particular one looks like we're going to get some more chickens. LOL

Good luck!
Separate the pullet and your favorite cockerel. Then rehome or butcher the other males.

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