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Sep 11, 2008
O. K. last weekend was huge for us we went to the local flee market to buy 2 hens and I ended up with 2 young leghorns (who had an instant issue and gave it to my other hens) then I saw a friend of mine who keeps chickens Ameraucana and he offered me a few on Monday. so I got them and started treating them all with tetracycline on Tue. just to clear up the runny poo and make sure everyone starts fresh. and I had to get rid of my roo he was a huge mut and very dom and I got 2 Ameraucana hens and a roo (A BIGGER but still a bit young) so hansom stranger had to go. I called a buddy of mine to get some info on butchering the roo and he asked me for him. So I gave the roo to my buddy who has a lot of chickens and a few roos of his own and my roo started to systematically pound the heck out of the rest of the roos in the yard taking on 2 bantys at once and backing them off together at the same time. meanwhile back on my ranch the population explosion has forced me to build a new coop and I'll be using my tractor for new bird quarantine from now on.

Well that takes the hurd from 4 to 7 and I have a chick in the box waiting to hit the yard if it's not a roo.

Total new to chickens (2 months) but ramping up fast.
I had to tell some one who might be as excited about all the new chickens as I am.
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Congrats on the birds!

Might want to read up on quarentine. Best to do so with new birds from any sources for at least a month.

Might also want to read up on antibiotics and so on. Antibiotics to treat bacterial infections won't do anything if they caught a virus. Antibiotics can't be used as a preventative either since it just makes bugs stronger in the long run.

If you suspect cocci, you need a coccosisitant too since cocci is a protozoa.
Thanks silky.

the antibiotics have all redy cleared up the birds this time but I'm more than open to any advice.

I went to the local feed store and the woman I bought my first 3 hens from seemed to know exactly what to do. with out blinking an eye she grab a package of tetracycline and told me to start with this and treat all the birds for 5 days and not eat the eggs for 5 days after the treatment ends.

again thanks for the info!

Another one gets addicted to chickens!

My wife doesn't like my parrot so it lives with my mother but she seems to be good with the chickens. as well her favorite meal is my home made refried beans and fried eggs.

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