Hullo from Chilly Pacific NW


Jun 8, 2022
Pacific NW
Hello all. I'm Suz from rural western WA. Having a flock of layers has long been on my goal list, and this is the year. Currently have 10 -5 1/2 week old chicks in the brooder. My oldest daughter helps me a lot with her knowledge--she has had a flock for about ten years. 4 of the chicks are destined to be integrated into her flock, and 6 will remain with me. All 10 are from a local mom and pop feed store. Mixed flock, with (for me): 2 blue laced red wyandotte, an easter egger, a welsummer, a lavender orpington, and a speckled sussex. The sussex, however, isn't looking like a sussex. She has developed a crest and the coloring is off. I'll post pics later to see what you all think. Maybe a polish, but I really have no idea or experience in breed id. Although all were sexed as pullets, one of the wyandottes is looking cockerel, which is fine; we live in an area where they are allowed. Also a lot of local predators--hawks, eagles, owls, coyotes, weasels, so another layer of protection makes sense. Initially, they will be housed in a tractor, then later attached to a covered run. Some day they might free range our acre+ when they develop a little street smarts. I have already learned so much from you all as a lurker, and I look forward to learning lots more! Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge.

In my non chicken life, I'm an early retiree with three grown daughters and seven (!) grandchildren ages 3 weeks to 9 years. We love the outdoors, gardening, hiking, camping etc. Super focused on home grown and home made foods, buying local what we can't produce. Hubby makes ALL our breadstuffs, I am the dairy gal--butter, yogurt, cheese, and do most of the gardening. Love all things textile, esp knitting and weaving. We both cook. Love to read and am an obsessive researcher (a holdover from my career days)

I think that's it. Glad to be here.

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