Humane Euthanasia

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    Feb 11, 2010
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    I had read about using various methods of euthanasia on here. I have culled my flock in the past and had just broken necks and decapitated the birds. I have also used the ol' shotgun to "euthanize" unwanted critters that were attempting a burglary in my coop. I have no problem TKB when needed. However, recently my 3 year old RIR hen, "Red", who was my first chicken I ever had became very sick. She started with a build up below her vent, then no more eggs. The past few days were followed by respratory distress, and lathargic behavior. Today she was looking exhausted and I knew she was tired of fighting. I don't have money to take a chicken to the vet to have them tell me that she won't make it after X-rays and blood tests. I love my bird and didn't want to shoot her or break her neck. So I turned to BYC and found what is a miracle in a can. "Starter Fluid"! Contents include: Diethyl Ether, Porpane, Butane, and Carbon Dioxide. I applied the Stater Fluid to a cloth and covered her beak. She was already very weak and accepting of the cloth. Within ten seconds she was calm and completely relaxed and within a minute she was asleep. We had a a service for her in the back yard and she is now burried next to our cat Magellan, ducks: Crush, Jolt, and Ninja Sr. Rest in Peace Red, we'll miss you.

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  3. [​IMG] [​IMG] so sorry for your loss...
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    Bless you for sharing this with us. I will be tucking that info away for future reference. It's never easy, but it sounds like starter fluid made it tolerable. [​IMG]
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    I'm sorry about your hen. Yes, the starter fluid/ether works very well when the hen is on her last legs and just goes quietly and not so well when they still have some fight in them. I may have to employ that method again soon with my internal layers, sadly.
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    I had to do that with my internal layers. They went quickly.

    Sorry about your hen, you did the right thing!
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    Wish I saw this before having to cull two of ours this past week... [​IMG]

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