Humidity Adjusting in an Incubator...


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May 18, 2013
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Evaporation of water to create, increase or decrease humidity is dependent on the amount of surface area..... other factor like temperature and breeze (wind and speed) also affect the rate of evaporation, and humidity levels....

Below is a crude drawing trying to represent wetted surface area... the more wetted surface area, increases moisture available to enter the air at a given air temp etc.... increasing humidity.....

Consider a water tray of a given size.... should provide a constant humidity regardless of the depth of water.....

Adding more surface area will increase the humidity.... length and width of cloth strips increases surface area.... the strips can be installed to be adjustable, for adjusting the humidity in the incubator... Distilled water is important.... as the water evaporates, it leaves behind minerals etc. reducing the effectiveness of evaporation and humidity control....

Since eggs give off moisture, as the number of eggs increases in the incubator, given the same amount of ventilation, less additional water (humidity) will need to be added to achieve similar results.... There are my thoughts on controlling humidity.... Dave


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