Humidity and day 18, help!


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Nov 14, 2007
Eaton, Ohio
We have one eggs out of our original 5 that is on day 18.
We got 2 genesis bators the other day and started one up w/turner and moved all eggs to it the other day. I am going to use our LG as a hatcher.
The temp is 100-101 steady.
I have all troughs filled, I have 2 small bowls w/water in them and numerous little sponges in there as well.
I put both vent plugs in to try to raise it some more.
Now it is at 60-ish.
How do I get it up more?

I don't have our other bator up and running yet.
Don't want to wait too long before moving the egg to the hatching bator.
When we do get it in there, should I just lay it down on its side or set it in something like an eggs carton to hold it up?
Should I go ahead and get the other genesis running tonight and see if I can get its humidity up to 70+ for hatching in it?

Thanks a million!!!!!!!!
I don't know anything about your model of bator, but what I did on my Hova when it came hatch time was got a small rectagular dish that a kitchen sponge fit into, put the sponge in, soaked it with water (Squeeze the sponge in the water so it soaks it in) and filled it with water just about to the top. That kept the humidity where it needed to be for the hatch. If you can do this that would help. and don't worry about them sitting upright when it is time to hatch, just set them down on their side and let them do their thing. And the most important thing, RELAX!!! I had to learn this from some of the other BYC'ers. Good luck, and RELAX (at least try to relax, that first hatch can be exciting!!)
I lay mine in on their side. I have seen some set them in a plain paper carton. I have seen success with both so it is up to you if you want to try it either way. I am going to try the carton when my eggs are due this time.

Don't panic. You have all day. Use a wide mouth dish with a clean sponge or a thick wool sock. More surface area = higher humidity. If you never get it over 65% you should be okay.

Move your eggs in when you feel you have it right.

Good luck! I wish you a great hatch!
I usually place the bowls of water under the vent holes and then use a syringe to spray water into the bowl. This will usually raise the humidity to 70 to 75 for a few hours. I wouldnt worry about it to much if you can ter it to at least 65%. Good luck. Jenn
Can I take a big butter bowl and fill w/water and socks?

Should I take one of the vent plugs out for air? or would the little holes be ok enough for circulation?
The vent holes should be fine. If you take the big plug out you will suffer of a loss of both humidity and heat.

Your humidity will come up if you put in the bigger surface area dish and socks or sponge.
ok, I have the bigger bowl w/sock in it, and a small washcloth on the bottom of bator (folded up) both vent plugs in,
The temp is running at 101 and humidity is at 65 +/-. I will leave a see that it holds fairly steady and then move the egg to it later tonight.
Does that sound like a plan?
Should I candle it one more time before putting it in?!
Thank you all VERY much!!!

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