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I am new at incubating eggs. I recently bought a Hovabator 160N Incubator.
I am aware that humidity should be kept between 40 to 50% up until the eggs are 3 days out of hatching then the humidity needs to be raised a lot higher. My question is what about the people who, like my self, add eggs every few days after they are laid by the hens. I will have eggs that are close to be hatched at the same time as eggs that are only half way or a few days into the incubation process.
How does one handle the humidity then?
Thanks in advance for all of your help.


Apr 17, 2015
Long Beach, WA
For staggered hatches (eggs with multiple hatch dates), most people use a second incubator for hatching. If you raise the humidity for the eggs that are ready to hatch, you risk drowning the eggs that are still several weeks/days from being ready to hatch.
If you don't have another incubator to use for hatching, then it's best not to attempt staggered hatches.

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