Humidity duck eggs hovobator their directions keep it really low!


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Oct 28, 2009
Georgia, VT
The directions that come with the hovabator say to just fill the little middle well.....if I just fill that one, the humidty for the past day and a half have been only 30 percentish....I then filled another one of hte slots in the plastic liner and this brought it up to 55%. I know that Metzer farms and the other websites say it should be much much higher....Any thoughts? Even though it says to not fill the other wells, surface of the water is what increases humidity and I don't know how I will incresae the humidity without doing this? Any thoughts?
Incubation Hatching
Day 1 - 25 Day 26 - 28
Temperature 99.5 98.5
Humidity 86 94
Turns Per Day 3 - 7 0

Well, that didn't translate well, but, it is 86%. So, should I put the sponges in there too? or just fill the other wells?
I've got duck eggs in too right now with chicken eggs which need a lower humidity. To help the humidity for the duck eggs until lockdown I have been spritzing them once a day with very warm water and replacing them in the Hova-bator. I found this on several posts and different sites. Maybe worth a try. My ducks are doing well on day 9.


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