Humidity for a few DUCK eggs


10 Years
Oct 2, 2009
i have the brinsea mini advance incubator, it came today and im getting 6 indian runner eggs tomorrow, im happy with the incubator my only problem is humidity! i have a basic dial humidity and ive had to use stciky tape to attach it to the top of the inside because it wouldnt fit otherwise, anyway, i know that for the last 3 days humidity needs to be really high but for the first 25 ive been told so many different things about humidity?

what is the ideal humidity for an incubator that only fits 7 eggs????????? in % plz
I think that I have read duck eggs get 50% humidity those first days. Plus you should spray them with warm water every day also.
Duck Eggs should be at 99.5 degrees and 86% humidity for the first 25 days -- turn 3 times per day.

For hatching (days 26-28) the humidity should be around 94% and the temperature around 98.5 degrees

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