humidity for cali quail


9 Years
Feb 7, 2010
i am having bad results to hatch my Californian quail eggs
they are is a Rcom Suro full auto
i have the humidity at 40 and the temp at 38
the eggs are not hatching and whee i open them they seem to have died a few day before the hatch date but
they eggs have a lot of liquid in them
its very humid in my basement so is this the problem
i have checked the temp with 2 digital thermometers and its correct
any other ideas PLEASE
I would make sure my air vents are open, and try hatching with the eggs in a upright position. Think about putting them in a egg carton when you lock them down. 40% is good for incubation, shoot for 65+ for lock down and hatching.... Good luck... Bill

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