Humidity for duck eggs..???


10 Years
Jul 25, 2009
I got some really good advice for incubating Indian Runner eggs earlier - now I have one more question!

I don't have a humidity pump for my incubator, and the humidity fluctuates between 53 and 55 %... I was told to keep it at 55%. Is this too much fluctuation, and how much is it going to impact the hatch rate? They've only been in there 2 days...

Thank you!
That much wont make a huge difference. Just to make sure you keep things on track though- watch the growth of the air cells. That can give a really good indication of if more or less humidity may be needed. By the time they are due to hatch the air cell should take up around 1/3 of the egg. Bigger and the membrane may shrinkwrap the baby- too small and the bay may drown when it first starts to breath.

Best of luck with your eggs.
Thanks again for your help! Hopefully everything will keep on track - fingers crossed!

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