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    Ok, so I'm new at this and I just accepted what the dial type humidity gauge was telling me regarding the humidity in the incubator. Well, today I realized that the thing has been off (as in not correct) all along and I'm sure the humidity has been too high for the first week and a half of my eggs incubation period. I am going to get a digital one- I know -I know- but is there anything that I can to do try to correct the issue at this point to have a better hatch? I have about a week to go. Is there anything I can do? Like run the bator very dry for the next few days to help draw off some water? Thanks for any info.
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    You could take out one of the plugs (if it's the type incubator that has plugs for regulating air flow) - and then not add any more water until lockdown.
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    I would candle some of the eggs to see if the air cell is too small for the time they have been incubated. The size of the air cell reflects the humidity. If it is too small I would remove all water and open the door or take the lid off[depending on what type of incubator you have] for 10 minutes a day until the air cell is the correct size.
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    you should say what the AMBIENT HUMIDITY is


    what the bator humidity is.

    this data helps with giving a more informed response.
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    I agree with the other posts. I would also remove the plugs if you are using a styrofoam incubator. The air won't hurt the eggs. I would definately get the humidity down until it's time to go into lockdown. I do a dry hatch where I keep my humidity around 35% for the first 18 days and when I go in to lockdown on day 18 I raise the humidity to 70% to 75%. My hatches are 95% to 100%. I use a cabinet incubator to incubate in and open and close my vents to adjust my humidity. I use my LG and Hova-Bator styrofoam incubators as hatchers. This is what works for me. Good luck and have fun...

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