Humidity in a Hoverbator 1588


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May 25, 2009
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What should the humidity for hatching chicken eggs be in a Hoverbator 1588 with a fan? Also how do you lower the humidity? Thanks!
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Everyone's humidity tends to be a little different depending on where you live. You'll have to do several hatches and see what humidity works best where you live. But, this is how I do mine in NC: I keep my humidity levels between 40 - 50% (usually on the low side of those) from day 1 thru 18. Then, I bump the humidity to 60 - 70% for the last 3 days by filling all the wells.
Remove some or all the water, don't open the bator very often. Any time you make a change, give it at least 4-6 hours to really adjust.

That's a good incubator.
I just went thru this yesterday. After a small revelation ( and remembering I was told earlier ) You can remove one of the plugs to lower the humidity. Once I did that, the humidity was right where I needed it. The temp didn't drop, just the humidity. It's been holding steady ever since.

I actually run my incubators with none of the plugs in, this makes it easier to adjust the humidity when hatch time comes.

Humidity does greatly depend on where you live, I usually run mine at about 35%, unless it's quail or ducks, then it's at least 50%. But that's what works for me, might not be the same for you.

Normally, I just let mine dry out on its own, unless the humidity is really high, but I haven't had to add water to either incubator for a month at least, and it's been about 35-40% the whole time. The only one that needs water is the hatcher.
Humidity range is the same for all chicken breeds. It's ducks, geese and the such that needs different humidity levels from chicken breeds.

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