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OK I never thought to actually get a gauge to read the humidity in my incubator untill after we got our eggs 3 days ago.

We have a 1583 Hovabator incubator (circulated airflow by internal fan and wafer heat) with a 1611 egg turner. it says in the insturctions to just make sure to fill up the center trough with water. Well when I was double checking everything when I put the eggs in the incubator. I kept reading that the humidity had to be around 50% while incubating. So I went and got a humidity gauge. The one I got has a thermometer and humdity gauge and is for a reptile tank, so all i have to do is put these two little pieces in the incubator that are attached to wires and the reader is outside of the incubator. At first the thermometer was reading almost 1 degree off but it seems to have finally settled into reading very close to what the stick thermometer in the incubator reads. But up untill yesterday the humidity gauge didn't read anything. Then I added some more water, and got it to 30%. So I went and got some hot water cooled it off a bit and added it into the second trough and ofcourse humidity shot up to 75+%. But now it's hovering right around 46%, after tweeking it all day yesterday.
But then I ran across something saying the humidity must be much higher right now, the eggs are 3 days into incubation.

So what is the typical humidity that I should be looking for right now in my incubator?

thanks for any and all advice.


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I'm a big believer in dry hatch.

Humidity should be 25% to 35% (no higher) for days 1-18
Humidity should be 65% days 19-22. (it will fluctuate as they hatch)

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