humidity is too high!


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Jul 5, 2021
i just started incubating chicken eggs, this is my second time and i didn't have this problem before. there is hardly any water in the holder and the humidity is still 70 percent! the room is 65 percent and so are all the rooms in the house. i lifter the lid a bit and it went down but continued to (the temperature was not affected though). what do i do??
It sounds like you are using a styrobator. Make sure at least 1 of the plugs is removed, for air circulation. The heat should be high enough to remove excess humidity, regardless of the high humidity in the room. If you can't get the humidity down, you can remove all the water from inside, and do a "dry hatch". As to "hardly any water in the holder". It's not about how much is in the holder depth wise, but how much surface area is involved.

Silkie Princess made a great suggestion too.
Open the incubator latch a little bit and place a dry cosmetic sponge inside the incubator. Should help. Also what day are they on?
just started incubating them today. i slid a few magazines under the lid and it went down a lot and the temperature is still ok. thanks for the help!

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