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  1. We are due for some serious stormying and florida since to drop it's humidity and heat during storms and such. I am trying to gain up as much humidity and heat as I can in there even without the hygrometer or themometer (hubby says it has to wait until next wednesday due to a sucky paycheck and electric bill is due).
    I was wondering if it is okay to put a damp towel or shirt over the eggs in the bator or even under them? I have put 2 small bowls of warm water in the bator already now that I have room for them. My kitchen temp has dropped to the high 70s to low 80s and it does not feel like the bator is reaching 90 to 100 degrees so Im also thinking about putting my small heater in there close to the bator (not too close) to warm things up. Will any of this work?

    Anyone in Gainesville, Jacksonville, or Lake City area that have a hygrometer and Themometer that I can borrow, would be a help!
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    No, No do not put a wet towel or anything on the eggs, how far are you into your hatch? what day are you on??? I forgot sorry, Im in the middle of hatching. What are your readings???
  3. Im about 9 to 10 days along. Since my themometer isn't working (Very old, just died on me) and I don't have a hygrometer yet I am using the themometer and hygrometer that is used in the room, stuck to the kitchen window. Too big for the incubator. So far I am reading 83 degrees with 60% humidity but that is the room overal. Usually my room hygrometer hits about 80 to 90 percent, in Florida.
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    Nope that wont need to know what the Actual temp/humidity is inside the bator, it will be way need to go to walmart..they are 6.50 for a hygrometer...has both temp/humidity...but you need to calibrate it remember?....

    You could be in trouble and not know it....but do not place anything on the eggs...the chicks needs oxygen, the shell is pourous
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    Do you have a meat theremometer? That's what I restored to after I got the hydrometer and the temp on it was way off from the other digital that I had in there. I stuck the point down in throuhg the hole in the top of the bator. Or even one for taking your temp?
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    I hope it goes okay!

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