Humidity question?????

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    May 16, 2008
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    First of all I do not have a way to read the humidity in my incubator, I just used my trusty thermometer(I know I should have one of those digital temp and humidity readers,just never got around to it). My water wells during the whole 21 days never dried up much, I would add a little water I think maybe three times. My question is that one of my chicks hatched late last night,so I left it in the incubator to dry,BUT I got up this morning and he was still soak and wet. Now I am assuming that the reason being is because my humidity is way to high. Would i be assuming right? If so what should your humidity read at?

    By the way baby is all dry and happy now in the brooder.[​IMG]
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    First 18 days I really dont pay attention to it. But it should be around 30-40%. Last 3 days should be around 60-65%

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