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    After a few attempts at hatching, all with 50% or less hatching, I am trying to better control my humidity. Most of my eggs seem to develop but die within the last few days; which I have read and figured out that I must have far too high humidity in the incubator. I have even had couple in the last 24 hours partially unzip but go no further.

    I am going to do 'dry' incubation from now own, not adding any water to the incubator, since our humidity here in the south east is usually 30-50% on a dry day anyway. I will raise the humidity on the last 3 days in preparation for the hatch.

    While looking for a reliable hygrometer, I discovered that several of them read a relative humidity while others measure absolute humidity. If the humidity is supposed to be raised to ~75% on the last 3 days, is this relative or absolute humidity?

    Also, looking on and reading the reviews, there doesn't seem to be any available for under 25$ that are consistently accurate. Suggestions?

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    I bought mine at Radio Shack, 19.99. It is accurate for relative humidity.

    I attempt to run these percentage levels of relative humidity in my forced air 1588 Hovabator:
    day 1-18: 38%, but do not add more water until 21%
    day 19-21: 60-65%

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