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    I am having a TERRIBLE time keeping the humidity up in my bator! Had the same problem when I hatched in Feb. Is it that time of year where there is not much humidity? Never had that problem before. Keep adding water & keep red caps in but I'm adding water every day. Last time only 50% hatched. Any ideas? I have a hovabator with a fan & turner. Thanx! [​IMG]

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    Sometimes when I incubate, my Hovabator 1588 will hold real steady humidity and sometimes it varies a lot, like upper 30"s to mid-40's. The humidity in the air seems to make a lot of difference. It sounds like you have a different model than the 1588 since you mentioned red caps (plural). My 1588 only has one vent hole.

    I haven't had the problem of the reservoirs running dry in only a day though. Have you checked under it to make sure you don't have a leak? Do you maybe have a paper towel or cloth in the reservoir to wick the water out and give it more surface area in an attempt to raise the humidity? Are you filling the reservoir full? Mine usually lasts three days if I fill it full.

    One time I noticed the humidity was running a little lower than I thought it should be for the conditions. The cord for the turner was not totally in the slot correctly and the incubator top was cracked a really small amount. It held heat fine but the humnidity was escaping. So another question. Does your lid fit properly? Are there openings where the humidity could be escaping? Maybe you could lay a towel or something around the edges to try to stop the moisture from escaping.

    The humidity running a little low is not very surprising. The reservoir running dry in a day is.
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    Yes Ambient Humidity is a Major factor in the humidity in your INC. My set up is in Garage ;I always have a Calibration Checked hydrometer in the INC and one on Work Bench near by at all times. If the Ambient starts to increase the one in the Inc will start to increase, there is a Time Lag but they do track ...cva34


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