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May 6, 2015
I am curious as to the necessity of increasing humidity for incubation hatching of eggs when naturally hatched chickens do not increase humidity. I am obviously new at this so thanks in advance for your patience.
Actually a hen will increase humidity by plucking feathers from her breast making more skin contact with the eggs.This causes sweating which raises humidity
thank you for the information. I also found out that they often take water in their beaks and drop it on the eggs; so much to learn. My first batch of chicks just hatched. They're beautiful. Our family got to watch them and we were all so excited. One of the little fellows cannot stand. He scoots around the brooder on his tummy with one leg sticking out to the side and we are all heartbroken to see him struggle. I believe he has a slipped tendon. When I felt the hock joint between my forefinger and thumb I could feel the the tendon pop back into place. He did not fuss while we worked with him. He eats well and drinks well (and poops well). We made him a chick chair and bandaged his leg with self adhesive wrap. He is in a little sling in his chick chair so his feet don't touch the ground. I am not sure how long he needs to be treated this way. We check him constantly and try to carefully move him about so he is not stuck in one position. He is with the other chicks but separated with mesh so they can see each other but he cannot be trampled. |If anyone has any information that would help I would really appreciate it. It's a lot of work but I cannot bring myself to put him down. I am sooooo new at this and I love having these chickens so if I make an ignorant comment please correct me as I can use all the information I can get. I read about chickens frequently and find most of the information consistent but some of it contradictory.
thank you

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