Hummingbirds work, too


Rhymes with 'henn'
11 Years
Jun 14, 2008
South Puget Sound
I've got a hummingbird that has taken interest in me at work. Earlier today it actually came about 6" in the window into my office. I heard bbzzzzzzzzzzzzz, looked up, and it was about 3' away from me, checking me out.

I'm going to get a feeder to hang outside my window!
The thing came INTO my office.



When I saw it I froze & said, "Hummingbird. In my office. Right now." By the time coworkers got here it was too late.
Now, if it starts talking to you we will worry

Did you have a colorful headband on? When my hair was pink they would constantly buzz me, it was pretty cute. I could tell that they were a bit confused by the big weird flower cluster that moved.
Watch out! Once they find a sucker - you're doomed at feeding sugar water forever! I have to fill a feeder every 3 days every season now....well i don't have to, but you must have the same bumper sticker on your forehead that I have: SUCKER !!
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They are so fun to watch. I hate when I'm trying to fill the feeder and one comes up behind me. That buzzing always scares the crap out of me.

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