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10 Years
Jan 22, 2010
Dunnellon, Fl
Rant time...

This part of Florida... sucks... well, Flroida sucks, just this part sucks even more. The economy is in the crapper, there are no jobs for anyone with anything less than a BS in my area, even at Mikey D's. If you don't have a Bachelors in something, even the fast food wont friken hire you. My wife and I are living off food stamps, living in my parent's house (even though they rarely spend a night cause my mom ran my dad off and she's usually out drinking with her boyfriend or some crap
), and neither of us can get a job. On top of that she's due in July, and I have no classes available because my college has 2k+ students... and enough classes for 1700 because they except EVERYONE who applies. Apparently the Key training center has also been putting their people in the college to take special classes all day further taking up room for students.

I've been thinking of either just joining the reserves (been planing on doing ROTC anyway in college after the Community College) or moving to Tennessee somehow because my best friend's dad lives there and has a small place we could stay at until I get a job and new college.

Wow, sounds like you've got alot to think about....maybe something more full time military (rather than the reserves) would best benefit you. It would provide healthcare for your wife and upcoming child, a full time income, and housing...something to consider....and would also provide money for college
College is paid for, 4 year 100% scholarship. Not wanting to do a full military yet with DS being born soon, I want to be able to spend time with him before being sent all over who knows where.
I would try the military, I know Canada`s military will pay for school which may help you get into a class the only draw back for Canadian`s is that for every year you get subsudized you have to surve 2 years, not bad as they also pay for housing ect but it`s a commitment.The economy sucks so bad you are way better off enlisting then mc d`s where you will never get ahead and the debt will pile up.
I have no problem joining the military, just not wanting to do it YET. I'm wanting to do the ROTC in college and go in the Army as an O1. Plus I was told if I don't finish my 4 years of college, the scholarship I"m on (a prepaid program) is going to be withdrawn by my mom, and she'll probably use it for her drinking money. Yea, and she blames me for what happens around the house.

At least my dad is helping me get anew car since he had to take my wrangler cause his truck broke.
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