Hunted by Moonlight

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Hunted by Moonlight
8 Years
Feb 1, 2011
Lake Huron,MI
This is the reboot of my old thread. It got so off-topic that I had it closed. Don't do that to this one.

Do not copy this, It is protected by U.S. copyright law the moment it is posted and would be pointless to attempt to steal. I am going to publish this!

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The day started off as an ordinary Saturday, but it turned gruesome very quickly.
Here I lie, on the ground, in the street by my friend Amy's house in a pool of my own blood.
I stared up at her.
She had a shocked expression on her face, and her dark curls nearly covered her teary eyes.
She had her cell phone against her face as the 911 operator tried to help.
She had said the ambulance was on its way.
The driver of the car that hit me was gone.
I was probably hit for no reason but I wasn’t in the driver's way until he swerved.
I flew off the sidewalk into the air, and landed on the hard asphalt of the road, pain searing through my leg as I heard Amy, who had been waving goodbye running in my general direction.
Amy was talking to a 911 operator frantic, saying "She is coughing up blood, and her leg is bleeding really badly."
Amy and I have been friends since kindergarten, but we may not be friends much longer if my injuries are that bad, I thought.
I felt a jolting pain run up my leg, and once again I started coughing up blood, taking in the little air I could get.
Amy said, "Okay," to the operator, and then started pushing me up onto my side.
I could finally breathe better, but I was still losing blood, fast!
The ambulance sped around the corner, and came to a screeching halt ten ft. away.
I knew my time was becoming shorter, but I only cared about how Amy was.
It was my blood staining her new jeans, and her favorite shirt.
She plead to the medics to let her go, but they said, "No, we don't need any distractions.
I was fading in and out of consciousness, and then I was out cold.
There was a form nearing me, which was coming towards me so majestically, I forgot what had happened. I forgot my whole predicament.
He started saying something, and then I woke up again.
He was gone, but the words were still there, and I realized it was a medic.
I couldn't quite catch his words before I fell back into my unconscious mind.
I was suddenly running through the woods on all fours, trying to grip the wet ground.
I could hear the howls of bloodhounds, and a man yelling, "I gotcha now missy!"
I could feel the wet autumn leaves and soft moss under my feet. Hear them crackle, and shift.
The dogs would surely hear it.
The sound of churning water filled my ears now.
Suddenly, the ground fell out from under my feet.
I felt the sting of cold water on my skin as I plunged in, letting it carry me. Unbelievably tired, I started trying to swim across, Moonlight my only guide.
I could see the other bank, and I felt relieved. The sight of the other side said freedom, but just as I was almost there, I woke up.
I was in a room, on a bed with blue sheets.
The pillow that propped me up was covered with soft paper, feeling like notebook paper you crumpled so much it shrinks.
The pain in my leg was going away, and my parents were looking at me like I was the best present in the world.
Suddenly, a man that looked surprisingly like the one in my dream came into the room.
My parents turned to him like he was important, looking like they were pleading, dad grabbing mom's hand. Squeezing it tightly, and putting his other hand on top of it.
The man spoke, "She's going to be fine." he said smiling.
And mom and dad looked relieved.
Mom started crying, and hugged me.
"I love you." She whispered as if it wasn't obvious.
"Her wounds are healing nicely, but as you can see," he gestured towards the cast on my leg, "She won't be fully healed for a while.
I suddenly thought of something. Has anyone told Amy that I'm, ok? She must be worried.
"Gimme the phone." I said. I wasn't talking to any certain person.
"There is no phone in here, hon." My dad said.
"Then gimme your phone."
"Phones aren't supposed to be on in the hospital." Mom chimed in.
So now I can't call Amy. That’s great. I had to tell Amy. I wanted to hear her voice. Just for a few minutes. I guess I can't do that.
"You should go to sleep," mom said, "You'll need it.
In the course of five minutes, I was fast asleep.
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I woke up about five hours later, hearing doctors pushing something on wheels through the hall.
The halls weren't as busy as earlier, so I snuck out, planning on finding a phone.
Amy's parents were out of town, and she was all alone.
That worried me. She could be in danger.
There was no one behind the check-in desk. Bingo.
I went behind it, and started dialing her cell.
I heard her voice, frantic, say, "Help!" And then a man in the background, saying things i couldn't hear well.
I heard the sound of crashing glass.
"Where are you?" I asked.
"My house, call the police!" she said, whispering.
I picked up the second phone on the other side of the desk, holding the first on my shoulder with the side of my head, the smooth plastic cool against my ear as I listened, then dialed 911.
"911, please state your emergency." the operator said, in a gruff voice. It was a man.
"M-My friend is being attacked in her house."
"How do you know this?" he asked.
"She's on the phone with me."
"Where is she?" He asked.
I gave him the address, and he said that he was sending help now.
A few minutes later I heard the sound of police cars coming from the first phone.
"Thank god." I heard Amy say.
"Where is your friend now?" The man asked.
"Hold on," I said, and asked her loud enough that the operator could hear it. "Where are you, Amy?”
"In the drier, I'm hiding in the drier."
I told the man on the other line, "The drier."
He said, "The suspect has been apprehended trying to leave the scene, tell your friend she can come out."
I did.
"Thank you, you saved my life." she said, sounding relieved.
"And you saved mine." I said.
Just then, a nurse rounded the corner.
"What are you doing behind there?" she asked.
I said goodbye to Amy, and hung up both phones, then went as fast as I could around the corner, and into my room before the nurse could catch me. In about five minutes I was fast asleep.
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