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Dec 8, 2018
Hi! I have what I think is a hurt or sick chicken. She's old, over 10 years. She hasn't layed an egg in a while, like a couple years so not sure this is egg binding or infectious related. About 4 days ago she started hiding in the corner of the coop. That's how I noticed her is in the corner of the coop when I went to close them up. She responds when touched. She eats/drinks when put right up to the food and water. Her comb color is good. Her disposition from her head to her torso is good. Her wings seem good although not totally 100% sure. It's mostly that she is laying down, can't get up and not walking. Her legs appear paralyzed, one more than the other. She doesn't have bumble foot at least I don't think so. I don't see any black or yellow bumps or lesions. I have two other chickens that appear mostly healthy. I have another chicken (I don't know the type but fluffy and grey) who suddenly died about 2 weeks ago. I have read that when a chicken is already in the corner, they should probably be euthanized. my questions are, could she come back from this? It is unlikely that I will take her to a vet, but if that is the right thing to do, I will. We have her separated just starting today, but it's been 4 days. There's always a chance she could have been injured. I uploaded a couple pics. Thank you for your thoughts.


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What a sweet hen. I have a couple old girls her age, too. One has been lame in one leg for a few years, but she still can stand and walk around and get onto a perch to sleep. Once they can no longer get around, I euthanize.

It's impossible to tell you what's going on with your old girl, but I can give you some suggestions. One is vitamin therapy that might improve motor function if there's a vitamin deficiency. Give her a vitamin E 400iu capsule once a day with a sliver of selenium, and one vitamin B complex tablet each day.

Have you checked her crop to determine if she's eating? She needs water, too, or she will quickly dehydrate. I suggest you bring her in and keep her warm while you treat her. Since she's isolating herself, she will probably feel safer apart from the flock for the time being.

She also may be suffering from tumors. There's a chance you have an avian virus in your flock since you just had a chicken die suddenly. A virus like leucosis, which I have in my flock, can remain dormant in a chicken for years and can suddenly produce symptoms when a chicken's immune system begins to fail. I strongly suggest that you have a necropsy done if this hen dies, too.

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She's old, over 10 years. She hasn't layed an egg in a while, like a couple years
I'm sorry about your hen:hugs

With her age and symptoms, it would be hard to know if she is suffering from old age, disease, reproductive problems, etc.

You have received good information in the previous posts. I too would start by checking the crop to make sure it's emptying overnight. Look her over for external parasites (lice/mites) and feel the abdomen for any indication of swelling, bloat or fluid.

It won't hurt to give her a direct dose of poultry vitamins - Poultry Nutri-Drench or Poultry Cell are my preference (1cc per 3 pounds of weight).
See that she is eating, entice her with a little egg, meat, tuna, etc. She's an old gal, so...I would be inclined to give her whatever she likes. A couple of Strawberries? Cucumber - name it.

Sadly, sometimes, even with great care, extra attention and love, age catches up and a hen starts to fail.
I wish you the best, please keep us posted.

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